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T & C
  • Points are earned in multiples of Rs 100 only-e.g. if you have billed for Rs 175, you will earn points on Rs 100 only. The rest of Rs 75 would be forfeited and will not be carried forward for any cumulative points calculation
  • Points are earned on net bill value
  • Points have a fixed expiry date - Expires on the last day of February of every year
  • This card is not a credit, debit, charge discount, or cheque guarantee card, it is only a membership identification card.
  • The Company cannot guarantee the accuracy of special offers and discounts, and it is the responsibility of the card holder to verify all information prior to purchasing goods or services under the scheme from participating businesses.
  • This card cannot be exchanged for cash or cheque or any other credit facility.
  • All special offers and discounts are subject to availability and the Company reserves the right to amend, change, or cancel offers at any time without notification.
  • Your points expire as per program rules mentioned below. Spencer’s reserves the right to alter, modify the points validity/expiry rule with or without prior information.
  • Any dispute should be referred to the Company and the decision of the Company shall be final. The Courts at Kolkata shall have exclusive jurisdiction in case of any dispute.
  • Spencer’s reserves the right to short close the Smart Rewards programs without assigning any reason thereof


  • If a Spencer’s SmartRewards Card is lost or stolen, the card member may notify the Company of such loss or theft and the Company will endeavor (but shall not be obliged) to suspend the use of the lost or stolen Spencer’s SmartRewards Card.
  • Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for any unauthorized use of a lost or stolen Spencer’s SmartRewards Card. If the Company suspends the use of a lost or stolen Spencer’s SmartRewards Card, the Company will not be held liable to make good any loss that may arise due to loss or misuse of card.
  • Any lost or stolen Spencer’s SmartRewards Card recovered by the Program member shall not be used and shall be returned to the Company. All points accumulated on a card on or before 31st Dec, 2017 will expire on 28th Feb, 2018. The SmartRewards program is valid till 31stDecember, 2017, unless otherwise specified by Spencer’s.


  • The Company may terminate the card holder’s/program member's membership of the scheme, without notice, for any reason in its sole discretion, including without limitation the Company’s belief that continued use of such membership would violate any provisions of these terms and conditions, applicable law, or otherwise be harmful to the Company’s interests.
  • The Company’s decisions on all matters relating to or in connection with the use of Spencer’s SmartRewards Card/program membership, including but not limited to privileges, benefits, gifts, and vouchers shall be final and binding on the Program member and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained.
  • The Company shall not be liable in any way :
    • For any malfunction, defect, or error in any terminal or other data processing equipment, software, or system used to process Spencer’s Smart Rewards Program transactions, whether belonging to or operated by the Company or other persons.
    • For any delay or failure in processing member’s transactions because of any electronic, mechanical system, data processing, or telecommunications defect or failure, act of God, civil disturbance or any event outside the Company’s control or the control of any of the Company’s servants, agents, or contractors.
    • For any fraud and/or forgery in relation to the Spencer’s SmartRewards Card/program membership perpetrated on the Company or any of the Company’s servants, agents, and contractors.
    • The card holder/program member shall fully indemnify and keep indemnified the Company against all claims, demands, action, proceedings, losses, damages, costs, and expenses of any nature (including legal costs on an indemnity basis) suffered, incurred, or sustained by the Company directly or indirectly by reason of or in connection with these terms and conditions, including without limitation: any use or misuse of the Spencer’s SmartRewards Card/membership. Any breach of these terms and conditions on the part of the Program member.
    • To be eligible for membership of the Program, the applicant must be an Indian national, competent to contract, and should be recognized as an adult according to the law.
    • For a successful Program enrollment, the applicant must fulfill the registration criteria stipulated by Spencer’s.
    • Spencer’s reserves the right to accept, decline, or reject any application without citing any reason and no queries or escalations in this regard would be entertained.
    • By becoming a member of the Program, you confirm that you will cooperate with Spencer’s in providing it with any information that is not private and very confidential in nature.
    • By becoming a member you confirm that you will allow Spencer’s or its alliance partners or any other third party vendor that Spencer’s has tied up with to contact you through email or phone or SMS or any other medium.
    • Spencer’s reserves the right to amend membership validity or block your points earnings/points redemption/account at any time during the Program at its own discretion.
    • All communication relating to the Program will be sent to the contact details mentioned by the member at the time of registration / enrollment unless contact details are changed by the member upon request.
    • Spencer’s assumes that the contact details given by the member are correct and Spencer’s bears no responsibility for any member not receiving any communication or reading any communication.


  • The member agrees that by participating in the Program or by quoting the membership number or mobile number registered with the program to either Spencer’s or any alliance partners, member confirms that all Program terms and conditions, participation rules, and processes have been read, understood, and that the member is bound by them.
  • Spencer’s reserves the right to amend, modify, or remove any terms and conditions of the Program, or withdraw, suspend, cancel, or terminate the Program or any other promotion or privileges or services offered to the customers under the Program without citing any reason whatsoever or without prior notice thereof.
  • Member authorizes Spencer’s Retail Limited to disclose member information to the government, authorities or component authorities to credit bureaus or third persons to comply with its obligation under the law. Member also authorizes Spencer’s to use member information for offering products and services to the members, including from its associates/partners, unless specified otherwise.
  • Spencer’s reserves the right to interpret the Program rules at its own discretion.
  • Your Program membership cannot be transferred to any other person’s name.
  • Spencer’s is not liable in case a data crash should take place and the member’s account information cannot be retrieved for some reasons. In the event it happens Spencer’s will not be liable to accept redemption of unredeemed points or any on the benefits associated with the Program.

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