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Throughout its long history (the first ever Spencer’s store opened in 1895), Spencer’s has been a recognized and respected player in the Indian grocery business, synonymous with quality goods and services, trusted by India’s exploding population of the upwardly mobile middle class.

Spencer’s has continually helped reshape the retail landscape in India, introducing a host of innovations to make shopping even more convenient and enjoyable for the consumer. These include:

Retail Design Initiatives

The Retail Design team helps Spencer’s deliver its brand promise in a way that is sophisticated, but not snobbish. This results in differentiation without alienation of loyal customers or loss of the brand equity acquired over the years.

Central to the retail design strategy is a unique brand position - Taste the World, derived from the consumer’s own transition from a price-conscious purchaser to a global-minded, well-travelled citizen of the world, looking out for authentic international flavors and experiences. Spencer’s has consequently evolved from being a preferred grocery retailer to being a passport to a stimulating world. This is evident in:

  • Storefront Design – the store entrance resembles that of an entrance arch, leading in the shopper to a world that is welcoming and exciting
  • Interior Design – to ensure that shoppers enjoy a warm and friendly ambience, an upscale look and feel, the joy of exploring and the convenience of locating what they want
  • Shopfit Design – from chef’s tables to signage aids, the emphasis is on attractive, space-efficient, and low-maintenance presentation of modern, international goods alongside local flavors and product experiences
  • Innovative Use of Materials, Finishes, and Lighting - from color-corrected lighting warming up the foods and vegetables area, to carefully selected veneers and textures that complement the attractive, color palette of bright orange, white, and Swiss coffee, our store interiors have a fresh, cheerful, and expansive feel
  • Graphics & Signage - shopping at Spencer’s is a visual treat, enhanced by bright orange “Heritage boards” that tell the Spencer’s story, curved signage featuring the signature “Taste the World” tagline, and category-specific color arches suspended over zones and departments to provide visual relief and act as navigational aids

Originally rolled out at the Spencer’s hypermarket at South City Mall, Kolkata, the new retail design program is being implemented at all stores.

Visual Merchandising Initiatives

The Visual Merchandising program uses a mix of theatre and edutainment to depict Spencer’s as a “Food First” retailer with a “Taste the World” mindset. This is evident in:

  • Feature Displays - Hotspots and focal points around the store carry thematic product displays to welcome shoppers and give them the opportunity to pause and absorb the ambience that constitutes a “Taste the World” experience, before continuing their journey of exploration.
  • Presentation of Merchandise - Category-specific color coding (fresh green for food, sophisticated violet for fashion, blue for electronics and multimedia, and red for furniture and home goods) make for easy navigation, while visual metaphors of “farm-fresh” and “Taste the World” drive home our brand promise. An Eiffel Tower and Big Ben here, a Chinese pagoda and Thai hut there - frame highly stylized displays at focal points. Fiberglass models of aquatic food, breads, and cheese denote the fish counter and delicatessen.

Product Initiatives

All supermarkets and hypermarkets sell the same things, right? Wrong. While we do stock popular ranges, we go to a great deal of effort to ensure you a unique range of products

  • Gourmet Centre - Run by an expert Food Scientist cum Cordon Bleu Chef, our food innovation wing researches world cuisines and develops recipes for a wide range of popular and trendsetting dishes. These form the basis for developing our own range of products, which include delicious cookies and sauces, pickles and jams. Ingredients for these dishes are also retailed through our stores, for those who’d like to prepare the dishes at home.
  • Spencer's Patisserie - The Fresh Baked Daily -Spencer’s Patisserie is Spencer’s LIVE Bakery offering simple, specialty and exotic range of freshly made bakery and confectionery items. The recipes are authentic, gathered from the best ones from all across the world, including Indian favorites. The products are an ideal mix of simple, specialty and exotic varieties from all across the world, including Indian favorites. Be it Focaccia-the Italian flat bread, Baguette-the French classic, Spicy Salsa Picante Bread-the Mexican twist, Masala Bread-pure Indian, White Bread-the simple one, Multigrain & Whole Wheat Bread-for the health conscious are some of the breads. Hot Puffs, the dry fruit cakes, Exotic cookies , mouth-watering cakes and pastries like Blueberry Cheese Cake, Trio of Chocolate ,Black Forest cater to all.
  • Gourmet store - Kolkata’s first Gourmet store is spread over an area of 1500 sq. ft. It is has more than 4000 products to choose from and offers the finest ingredients of gourmet cuisine and recipes to guide in the making of lip smacking delicacies from across the world.
    The store offers a wide range and assortment of gourmet breads, biscuits, 500 different types of beverages, chocolates, 100 variants chilled & frozen food items, 200 variants of 300 types of cheese, cold-cuts, 60 variants in vegetarian and non-vegetarian convenience foods, exotic and organic fresh fruits and vegetables, 300 types of pastas and noodles, oils and vinegars. The products serve as ingredients to cuisines of Thailand, China, Indonesia, America, Chile, Argentina, Italy, France, Spain, Sri Lanka and UK to name a few.

    If you want to taste the world then a visit to Gourmet Centre at Spencer’s, South city hyper is a must
  • Wine & Spirits - Wine ignoramuses or aficionados … we cater to both, with a wide range of wines expertly selected from as many as 181 countries. Spencer’s was, in fact, the first Indian retailer to offer a selection of Wine & Spirits in its stores, and the first to present an in-store wine and cheese tasting experience to shoppers.
  • Meat, Chicken, Fish - our counters for fresh non-vegetarian items truly represent the finest fresh cuts a shopper can get. Seafood lovers, be sure to take your pick from the live fish-tanks on display.
  • Edutainment Booklets – Want to serve wine but not sure how? Want a recipe for preparing cheese fondue? Curious to know why organic food is supposed to be better for you? Pick up a booklet and find out. From the story of olive oil to the origins of cocktails, these tell you a little more about the products on offer and how to use them.

Store Event Initiatives

In-store event initiatives ensure that a visit to Spencer’s is always a memorable experience.

  • Live Kitchen - Live Counters with Master Chefs preparing gourmet delights are always popular at buffets … we brought the concept to our stores in the form of the Spencer’s Chef Corner, a first-of-its-kind in-store experience that involves customers even as it showcases the ingredients displayed in our Specialty Bays. From Salads to Sushi, from Pastas to Satays and from Cheese Fondue to Cool mocktails, Spencer’s Chef Corner gives customers an opportunity to learn more about their favourite world cuisines.
  • Modern Menu – Footsore and still not done with your shopping? Stop by at our food court and treat yourself to a shake, swirl or savoury.